Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

When your baby is first born, it’s important to start their oral care a few days after they are born. This can simply be done with a hygienic fabric or gauze. Talk to [doctor_name] and [hisher] dental professionals to get the latest information to your baby’s dental care needs.

As your newborn is growing, they need daily dental care so their mouth can avoid any sores or treatments. Besides material to clean it out, soothe your child’s gums with a clean finger, wet gauze, or even a small spoon that has been chilled. As their teeth begin to grow in, a teething ring will help ease their discomfort.

Scheduling a regular biannual appointment with your dentist can help them assess any tooth decay or cavities. Bring them in when their first tooth starts to appear under the gums or by their first birthday to evaluate their teeth and if any further steps to protect their teeth need to be taken.

Our team can provide any information relating to the care of your child’s teeth as well as preventative measures towards poor dental habits including thumb sucking. Dental care habits that need to be established include brushing twice a day soon after meals, flossing at least once a day to get rid of plaque and food particles, and visiting your dentist biannually to get a full evaluation.

Schedule a consultation or appointment with [practice_name] today to receive the care and information you need for your child. Seeing your dentist early will help in your child’s speaking and chewing abilities as well as their smile. Give us a call at [phone] where our dental professionals here in [city], [state], will be happy to assist you!