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One of the most common fears is the fear of the dentist. It’s the fear of being out of control, and those who have a fear of dental procedures often look for dental sedation. Being able to have your teeth fixed or cleaned under sedation allows you to be calm and steady, keeps your blood pressure in a healthy range and allows you to get the treatment that you need. At Pony Express Dental, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best sedation dentistry Utah has to offer.   There are several things that you can do to ensure that you stay calm when it comes to sedation dentistry Utah. If you are dealing with a fear of the dentist, then the best option for you could be sedation. With that in mind, we’ve got seven solid tips to ensure that you feel calm before you embark on sedation dentistry Utah. Let’s take a look!   Always prepare to share your fears with your dentist. If you are looking for the best sedation dentistry Utah, Pony Express Dental is the place to go. If you’re open about your fears about sedation dentistry, you will get the best support and advice to calm your nerves. Before you have your sedation dentistry Utah appointment, schedule another on a day you won’t be busy, and do the same with your sedation appointment. It would help if you felt as relaxed as possible, and you then don’t have to rush around afterwards to get to work or anything. Before you have a sedation appointment, you need to avoid high sugar foods. The last thing that you need is the jitters, and you need to keep your nerves as calm as possible. Chamomile tea can cut your nerves down and make you feel ready to go for the appointment you’ve waited for. Meditation and deep breathing are two things that you can rely on to bring your heart rate down. It would help if you focused on being composed during this appointment, and your breathing will help. It would help if you visited your dentist regularly. Not only will this help you to reduce your nerves surrounding dentistry, but it will help you to get used to the routine of cleanings and treatments. Ask for your dentist to explain the procedures you’re having to you as detailed as possible. If you can visualize the process, you can often make peace with it. Lastly, consider some anti-anxiety herbs and medications with the help of your doctor. Yes, sedation dentistry will keep you relaxed during the procedure, but much of the anxiety happens before the big day. Contact Pony Express Dental We are used to seeing patients who are nervous and afraid of the unknown within dentistry. You can guarantee that with our sedation dentistry Utah services, you will get the support that you need to ensure that your treatment is carried out as smoothly as possible. Give us a call today and schedule your appointment now, and let’s talk about your worries.

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What Does an Orthodontist Do?

There are often questions that surround what an orthodontist does vs what a dentist does, and when you are looking for the best South Jordan orthodontist, you need to think about what they could offer you. So, in this article, we’re going to explore what a South Jordan orthodontist can do for you in Eagle Mountain today! What Is An Orthodontist? Different from a dentist, an orthodontist is a specialist that focuses on the correction of the jaw and teeth. They adjust and fix the alignment of the jaw, and they straighten the teeth that are overcrowded or crooked. Orthodontists pay special attention to the aesthetics of the teeth, but they also concern themselves with the medical effects of an overcrowded mouth. An orthodontist is a person to speak to if there is a problem with over or underbites in the mouth. What Procedures Can An Orthodontist Perform? Orthodontists have a little more of an in-depth job compared to dentists. They are there to align your teeth and jaws, and the standard orthodontic care procedures include: Braces (metal, lingual and ceramic options) Aligners (Invisalign or ClearCorrect are standard) Dental X-Ray Other orthodontic services Can A Dentist Step Into An Orthodontist’s Shoes? Some dental specialists can perform complex procedures, but really, if you need the help of an orthodontist, that’s the expert to turn to! General dentists without the correct specialist education may not be as accurate as an orthodontist trained to ensure your teeth are correctly straightened. Our professional South Jordan orthodontist is here to help if you need to have your teeth corrected! What’s The Difference There are some definite differences between an orthodontist and a dentist, and these include the following points: Education. A dentist has to have a degree as an orthodontist does, but orthodontists also have to have further training to ensure that they are concentrating on niche orthodontic treatments. General dentists can finish dental school and practice, but orthodontists continue to attend a residency program and learn more in-depth procedures.  Work. A general dentist is still required when you are seeing an orthodontist. They will even need to perform checkups and regular cleanings, and while your orthodontist tightens a brace, a dentist ensures your gums are healthy. However, the type of work an orthodontist does is very different from a dentist. Treatment. General dentists will look after your teeth and ensure that you have a healthy smile. An orthodontist will correct and straighten your teeth. Your dentist will care for your teeth with cleanings, fillings, crowns, cosmetic dentistry and more. An orthodontist will correct the alignment of your jaw, and the treatment includes braces and things like jaw and palate expanders.  Contact Us Today If you need the help and advice of a South Jordan orthodontist, you need to get in touch with us today. We have the experts on hand to help you with your alignment and give you a smile that you have always wanted. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment today.  

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Excellent Dentist Near You

Are You Looking For An Excellent Dental Practice? Choose Pony Express Dental today! At Pony Express Dental, we’re proud to provide all of our customers with a life-changing, full-service dentistry service in Eagle Mountain. When you are searching for a dentist near me, you want to find one that is committed to your oral hygiene and your dental future, and you will find this with Pony Express Dental. You want your dental appointments to be on time every time, and our expert team is more than happy to assist you with your oral health needs. When you visit us, you will receive nothing less than a thoroughly professional service from the moment you walk through the door.   Our Eagle Mountain team are proud to be able to offer comfortable, friendly and technologically-advanced services that serve all of our customers. We believe in honest dentistry, and we believe in providing the treatment you can afford. Scheduling your appointment with the experts at Pony Express Dental is an excellent, positive step to take. Our Services Pony Express Dental offers a wide range of dentistry services. We aim to ensure that all of our customers are happy with the treatment they receive, which is why we provide that our services are impeccable. Some of the services that we offer include: General Dentistry From children to seniors, our general dentistry services are held in high regard. You know that cleanings and oral exams are essential for your dental health, so let our experts treat you today. Our general dentistry includes restorative care, too, so you get the full 360-care you need. Cosmetic Dentistry You deserve the smile that you want, and at Pony Express Dental, we can help. All of our treatment plans are totally customized to you, and we use the best cosmetic dentistry tricks to create that smile you covet. Orthodontics We have a board-certified and experienced orthodontist on board with our team. He has dedicated his whole career to ensuring that others get the help that they need with their smile. Why not book in today and see what we can do to help Pediatric Dentistry Children don’t always like going to the dentist. You may look for a dentist near me that can offer pediatric services, but you won’t find one as gentle as Pony Express Dental. Our dentists are experienced at working with children across all ages, and we have a passion for ensuring that your child goes away smiling! Why Choose Us At Pony Express Dental in Eagle Mountain, you will find a kind, compassionate team who only work on the highest integrity for all of our patients. We run an honest approach to our business, ensuring that you are informed from the moment we say hello. We are educated and respectful, focusing on the details and placing our full attention on each of our customers as they need us. Contact Us Today You no longer have to search for the best dentist near me; you’ve found it! Pony Express Dental experts are here to help you today, so call us for a free consultation in Eagle Mountain on 801-876-7669.

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Four Dental Procedures That Are Worth Considering at Pony Express Dental

Dental procedures are something we might all get at some point in our life. Whether it’s to improve your smile or to help fix problems in your teeth that are causing some discomfort. At Pony Express Dental, we aim to help in any way that you desire to get the perfect smile and more importantly, a healthy set of teeth. Here are four dental procedures that are worth considering. Teeth Whitening Over time, your teeth’s natural white coloring can become stained in a variety of ways by the use of smoking, drinking certain beverages or eating certain foods. It’s worth getting this treatment if you want to bring a bit of healthiness back to your teeth and to help reduce the signs of aging. Teeth whitening is a common and typical treatment that many people get done in order to help transform the way their teeth look. The results will tend to last for a number of weeks and are instant in their appearance. It can be a great confidence booster for someone who might have been conscious of the way their teeth look. It’s also a great thing to get before a big occasion like a wedding, for example. At Pony Express Dental, we offer both in office and at home GLO Whitening kits. Dental Implants Dental implants are an option worth considering when you have lost some of your teeth or might be in the process of losing them. They’re artificial teeth that are made to fit your mouth and are fitted into the bone. They can help improve your ability to chew food and can also relieve any pain or discomfort that you might have been feeling from teeth that were there before or from surrounding teeth that are rubbing or hitting the gum area. As an option, it’s worth considering your financial situation as dental implants can be more costly in comparison to other alternatives. A Smile Makeover Pony Express Dental has a particular cosmetic procedure called the Smile Makeover. Our dental practice works with a local and highly renowned lab in order to develop a new smile for you and can tailor the work to suit your needs and preferences. Depending on the concerns and issues you have with your current teeth, you can pretty much change anything and everything to suit what will make you feel more confident and happier. Crowns or Veneers For cracked or chipped teeth, it’s always worth considering crowns or veneers to help improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Not everyone is blessed with super straight teeth that are the perfect size and shape all throughout. What makes us unique is that we’re all born differently, and that includes the way our teeth develop as we head into adulthood. It’s also dependent on how well you brush and maintain your teeth. Chipped teeth can happen due to an accident or simply eating something that was too hard for your teeth to manage. Crowns or veneers are a great option to consider. Whatever dental procedure you’re thinking of getting done, make sure to book in an appointment with us.

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Tips To Improve Your Dental Health From Pony Express Dental in Eagle Mountain

Improving your dental health is something we can all do and on a regular basis to ensure we keep hold of our adult teeth for as long as possible. At Pony Express Dental, in Eagle Mountain, we have the expertise and knowledge to make sure that happens. Here are some tips to improve your dental health. Use Floss And Mouthwash Firstly, it’s worth considering floss and mouthwash. These are two essential additions that are worth having as well as your regular brushing routine. For flossing, it’s important to incorporate this because your toothbrush isn’t going to be able to reach every single area of your teeth, especially in between. Even some of the best toothbrushes can’t get in there effectively, and that’s where dental floss comes in. By going around your teeth with floss on a daily basis, you reduce the risk of food sitting in between your teeth and causing damage to the enamel or general health of the teeth. Mouthwash not only helps get rid of loose food particles, but it also disinfects the mouth of all the bacteria living on your gums and tongue. The tongue is an area that usually gets missed, and so it’s worth investing in a mouthwash to use daily. Get Regular Dental Check-Ups Pony Express Dental in both Eagle Mountain and Daybreak will always urge you to get annual check-ups when it comes to your dental health. Just like any other medical appointment, it’s important to let the medical experts look at your teeth to make sure there are no underlying problems that you haven’t spotted or simply can’t see. X-rays are a typical procedure that’s done on your teeth to ensure any tooth decay isn’t happening inside the tooth itself. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, then now is the time to book yourself an appointment and mark it as an annual event in your calendar or diary. Any small concerns in between those visits, always approach your dentist to check it. Consider Your Toothpaste The toothpaste you use is going to impact your dental health in some way, depending on what you currently use. A fluoride toothpaste is always good to use, but you may want to find something more gentle on your teeth if you’re prone to sensitivity. Find a brand that works for you by testing a few out and finding the one that helps with what you need, whether that’s a fresh breath or easing sensitive teeth. Go Easy On The Brushing And finally, go a little easier on the brushing. If you’re brushing so hard that your gums are bleeding, that’s not good. You should apply some pressure but not so much that you are causing damage to the health of your gums, seeing as they’re keeping your teeth in place. Make sure you’re also timing your brushing, and that you are spending at least two minutes brushing them every time. Improving your dental health is always important, regardless of your age, so always take care of your oral health. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our staff, give us a call or fill out a form today.

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Dr. Tornow’s Tips For Getting Over A Fear Of The Dentist

A fear of the dentist is something that’s very much real, and no matter how much you try to move past that fear and try to rationalize it, it’s a fear that takes time to overcome. When it comes to dental care, Dr. Michael Turnow is part of a fantastic team of dentists that can help ease your fears while getting dental work done. Here are some tips for getting over a fear of the dentist: Speak To Your Dentist Remember that when it comes to your dental appointment, it’s always worth contacting your dental practice and discussing your concerns. A lot of dentists can organize certain drugs that can be given to you before your procedure in order for you to calm down or relax. These can be good for helping numb any pain or sensation that you might feel, and that might be the main reason why you’re fearful of the dentist. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so it’s worth checking in to see what’s available to you and what you can take advantage of. Take Someone You Trust When attending your dental practice, it can be nerve-racking to go alone. To think you’re on your own in a place that you’re fearful of isn’t going to help you feel better. What might help is taking someone with you. Think about who you could ask to come along and make sure it’s someone you trust. They should also feel pretty confident about going to the dentist themselves because if they’re actually quite nervous themselves, then it’s going to make you feel even worse. Take a close friend or a family member, and you’ll likely feel a lot more at ease. If anything, they can help ease your mind that’s probably overthinking the situation in different ways. Keep Yourself Distracted Dr. Michael Tornow and all of our dentists are committed in making your appointment as successful as possible. They also want to make sure that you’re in and out of the chair as efficiently as can be. Keeping yourself distracted is a great way of making sure that you avoid allowing yourself to get too worked up whilst waiting. Bring along a magazine or download a television series on your phone or electronic device to watch and to zone out on. It can really help calm your mind by having something familiar, and it will help make the time go a little quicker too. Communicate During The Procedure Try your very best to communicate with your dentist, should at any point you feel really uncomfortable. Hitting nerves or picking at your teeth can be quite painful and it’s essential you let your dentist know if they’re causing pain that’s really severe. Only you know if it’s causing pain, so speak up or alert them in some way to make sure they’re aware of it. Getting over a fear of the dentist is something we can help you with, so drop by at our practice or give us a call to set up an appointment today.

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