Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

When it comes to straightening your teeth and creating a more beautiful smile, there can be a lot of options to choose from. You may have some people recommending traditional braces, while others advocate for Invisalign, while still more say you should get Damon braces in Eagle Mountain.

Does it really matter? What is the difference between Damon braces vs. Invisalign?

Here are a few things to note:

Faster Results with Fewer Adjustments

Damon braces are self-ligating braces meaning they do not need to be tightened by the orthodontist. They exert gentle pressure to move teeth, and the Damon bracket braces are simple in design allowing the light-weight wires to glide through the bracket as teeth shift. There is less friction and discomfort than traditional braces, yet unlike Invisalign, they are still attached to the teeth.

With Invisalign, you must remember to take liners out each time you eat and thoroughly brush and floss before reinserting them. Plus, you have to remember to change the liners every few weeks as teeth adjust. With Damon braces, you still must practice good oral hygiene, but they are easier to clean than traditional braces and there is nothing to take in and out like Invisalign. There are even Damon braces clear brackets available that blend in more naturally with teeth, similar to Invisalign.

How Much Do Damon Braces in Eagle Mountain Cost?

The cost of Damon braces treatment in Eagle Mountain is often comparable to that of traditional braces or Invisalign depending on required treatment. Your orthodontist can help you to compare Damon braces cost based on your individual needs.

Furthermore, not everyone may be an ideal candidate for Invisalign meaning Damon braces could be the better option. Pony Express Dental offers metal and clear Damon braces in Eagle Mountain and we are happy to discuss the benefits for patients of all ages.