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When it comes to getting straighter teeth and correcting issues such as an overbite or underbite, the common solution is to wear dental braces. However, not all braces are the same. They can vary in looks, comfort, costs, and even how they work to move teeth. Understanding the major benefits of Damon System Orthodontic Treatment in Daybreak and Damon braces average cost can help you to choose the option that works best for your dental health needs.

The Damon braces Daybreak practices offer have features that make them attractive and appealing to patients of all ages:

Simpler Design

Damon smile braces are less bulky than traditional braces because they have a more streamlined design. The brackets are slightly smaller and less noticeable and this is further enhanced if Damon clear braces are used. This can help patients to feel more comfortable with the look of the braces.

Fewer Adjustments

In addition to being slightly smaller, Damon braces have self-ligating brackets. Rather than wires being attached to the top of the bracket, they slide into small slots that run through the bracket. There are no elastic ties used to hold brackets into position. Memory-shape wire gently shifts teeth and jaws into the appropriate positions. This means fewer trips to the orthodontist for adjustments and no annoying elastic ties to contend with when eating or brushing. In addition, since there are fewer parts and no elastic ties, this reduces the likelihood of dental emergencies to fix braces.

Less Discomfort

Another benefit of Damon system orthodontic treatment in Daybreak is that many patients experience less discomfort as teeth move. The sleek design of the braces, self-ligating brackets, and thin memory-shape wire all help to reduce friction within the mouth. Plus, unlike traditional braces, Damon smile braces generally do not require tooth extraction or palate expanders before fitting them.

Faster Treatment Time

Because of how the braces work to shift teeth, Damon system braces treatment time may be around six months shorter or more depending on the extensiveness of treatment. This means patients spend less time wearing braces and more time enjoying their beautiful new smile.

More Versatility

There are several options when it comes to straightening teeth including traditional braces, Damon braces, and clear aligners such as Invisalign. While some people may prefer Invisalign because it is barely noticeable and liners can be removed when eating or drinking, not everyone is the best candidate. Clear aligners may not be as effective for addressing an overbite or underbite, whereas Damon braces can correct these issues as well as mild to severe crowding, teeth alignment, bite, and arch development. They are very versatile in the conditions they can treat.

Comparable Cost

Cost is another major factor many patients take into consideration before undergoing dental treatment such as braces. While price can vary from practice to practice, Damon braces average cost tends to be comparable to traditional braces and Invisalign. Furthermore, one should look at the before and after results, Damon system braces treatment time, and other factors to see what they are getting in return for their investment. Cheaper (or more expensive) isn’t always better.

If you’re ready to transform your smile and improve your overall dental health, consider the benefits of Damon system orthodontics treatment in Daybreak. Pony Express Dental has orthodontists who are specially trained in fitting and applying these braces to provide quality treatment. In addition, you can receive comprehensive care all in one convenient location whether you’re coming for general dental care, dental implants, orthodontics, or a total smile makeover. Pony Express Dental is here to meet all of your needs and help you take the best care of your teeth.