Dental Cleanings

patient getting a regular dental cleaningsHaving a healthy smile is something that many people value. When your teeth are looking and feeling their best, there are many benefits that can help to increase your confidence. On a practical level, having healthy teeth makes everyday life so much easier. People with unhealthy teeth often find it difficult to eat certain foods and may experience bad breath and bleeding gums. No one wants to be faced with the daily challenge of living with dental issues, so it makes sense to keep your teeth in the best possible condition.

Aside from your regular routine of brushing your teeth twice a day and making sure you floss regularly, it is also beneficial to go beyond your basic dental regimen. Scheduling regular dental cleanings with your dentist in Eagle Mountain, Utah, will provide you with many benefits, both for the appearance of your teeth and their health.


Why Regular Dental Cleanings are Important

Here are just some of the reasons having regular dental cleanings in Eagle Mountain, Utah, is so crucial:

  • Regular dental cleanings will remove plaque buildup from your teeth. Even with careful brushing and flossing each day, it is still possible for food debris to accumulate on your teeth and develop into a sticky film known as plaque. Pony Express Dental teeth cleanings will remove plaque from your teeth for a healthier smile.
  • Our dentists here in Eagle Mountain, Utah, will carefully remove tartar buildup from your teeth during your dental cleanings. Tartar is leftover plaque that has hardened onto the teeth and cannot be removed simply through brushing, but it can be effectively removed with a professional dental cleaning.
  • Regular dental cleanings will not only help remove plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth, but they also help to prevent you from developing more serious dental conditions such as cavities and gum disease. An accumulation of plaque and tartar can cause the gums to become inflamed and develop into gingivitis and periodontitis. If left untreated, a periodontitis infection can lead to tooth loss and damage to the surrounding bone.
  • While most people take the time to take care of their teeth, it is still impossible to know what is happening below the gumline and whether your roots are healthy. When you schedule deep cleanings with Pony Express Dental, we will clean your teeth both above and below the gum line and help to protect your roots.
  • Suffering from bad breath can be an unpleasant and embarrassing experience. However, regular dental cleanings can help resolve this issue and leave your mouth feeling deeply cleaned and fresh.


Schedule Your Dental Cleaning Today with Pony Express Dental

Here at Pony Express Dental, we are committed to helping you keep your smile looking at its very best. So if you are looking for dental cleanings in Eagle Mountain, Utah get in touch, we will be happy to schedule your consultation and get your teeth looking great.


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