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Don’t let damaged or missing teeth get you down – call Pony Express Dental to schedule your consultation for dental bridges and dental crowns in Daybreak or Eagle Mountain, UT. 


A dental Crown is recommended when a tooth is broken down and a filling is inadequate to properly restore a tooth’s form and function. A crown is like a “helmet” for the tooth and surrounds the entire tooth, keeping it intact.

Dental crowns are frequently used to conceal and protect teeth that have:

  • Severe chips and cracks
  • Become weakened from root canal treatment
  • Suffered too much tooth decay to be fixed by a filling
  • Become severely discolored or stained

For those that need something in between a dental crown and a tooth filling, we also offer partial crowns, called inlays and onlays.


A bridge is recommended when there is a missing tooth or teeth and there is an existing tooth on both sides of the missing tooth/teeth space. Dental bridges literally bridge the gaps in your smile left by missing teeth.

A bridge may be referred to as a three unit bridge when there is one missing tooth and the teeth on both sides of the one missing tooth are used as “abutments” (connectors) for the “Pontic” (missing tooth). In essence there are three teeth that are part of the three unit bridge. A four unit bridge has two missing teeth that the bridge is replacing. Five unit bridge has three missing teeth, etc.

If there is adequate bone (both height and width) we may recommend a dental implant as opposed to a bridge. Each situation is individual and we will give you our best recommendation as to what is most cost effective with the best longevity.

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