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The thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair for a filling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Dental fillings are a form of restorative dentistry that can be used to repair teeth when they have been damaged. The team at Pony Express Dental in Eagle Mountain, Utah are ready to put you at ease before you go under the drill.


A dental filling is a type of restorative dental treatment which is designed to patch a hole or a crack in a tooth. The damaged parts of the tooth are removed, normally with a small drill or abrasion tool, before being filled with a material to seal the tooth and prevent any further damage. Don’t worry if the thought of the dentist drill makes you feel uncomfortable. Our experienced and dedicated team are ready to put you at ease. We aim to keep your discomfort level as low as possible. Fillings are not new and have been around for many years. An ancient skeleton which is believed to be around 6,500 years old was found to have beeswax fillings and is one of the earliest examples of dentistry. 


In the past, generally fillings were made of amalgam, the silver filling which we are all familiar with. In fact, amalgam fillings have been used in dentistry for over 150 years. Although they are efficient at patching a tooth up and can last for at least 10-15 years, they aren’t pleasing to the eye. In recent years, the options for dental fillings have exploded. Now there are options which will match your existing tooth color with porcelain or composite resin, or options to have a cast gold filling. The decision is up to you and our dental team will be happy to discuss your options.


Getting a filling normally takes around 20 minutes to an hour and is one of the most common dental procedures that is performed. Although a filling might seem like a difficult procedure, the recovery time is fairly quick. Around one hour after the filling has been completed, it is only weakly set. It takes around 24 hours for the filling to set completely so it is best to avoid any hard foods during this time. The tooth which has been filled may feel sensitive for a few days but this should disappear. If there is discomfort after a week or two, contact our team in Eagle Mountain, Utah to discuss how to fix the issue.


If you have discomfort, sensitivity, or see a hole in your tooth, you might need a filling. Our team is equipped with the latest technology to ensure you receive the highest quality care and ensure that the life of your tooth is extended. If you have any questions about how the team at Eagle Mountain, Utah can enhance your smile, contact our office and our helpful staff will guide you through the process.