Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

Dental procedures are something we might all get at some point in our life. Whether it’s to improve your smile or to help fix problems in your teeth that are causing some discomfort. At Pony Express Dental, we aim to help in any way that you desire to get the perfect smile and more importantly, a healthy set of teeth. Here are four dental procedures that are worth considering.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth’s natural white coloring can become stained in a variety of ways by the use of smoking, drinking certain beverages or eating certain foods. It’s worth getting this treatment if you want to bring a bit of healthiness back to your teeth and to help reduce the signs of aging. Teeth whitening is a common and typical treatment that many people get done in order to help transform the way their teeth look. The results will tend to last for a number of weeks and are instant in their appearance. It can be a great confidence booster for someone who might have been conscious of the way their teeth look. It’s also a great thing to get before a big occasion like a wedding, for example. At Pony Express Dental, we offer both in office and at home GLO Whitening kits.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an option worth considering when you have lost some of your teeth or might be in the process of losing them. They’re artificial teeth that are made to fit your mouth and are fitted into the bone. They can help improve your ability to chew food and can also relieve any pain or discomfort that you might have been feeling from teeth that were there before or from surrounding teeth that are rubbing or hitting the gum area. As an option, it’s worth considering your financial situation as dental implants can be more costly in comparison to other alternatives.

A Smile Makeover

Pony Express Dental has a particular cosmetic procedure called the Smile Makeover. Our dental practice works with a local and highly renowned lab in order to develop a new smile for you and can tailor the work to suit your needs and preferences. Depending on the concerns and issues you have with your current teeth, you can pretty much change anything and everything to suit what will make you feel more confident and happier.

Crowns or Veneers

For cracked or chipped teeth, it’s always worth considering crowns or veneers to help improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. Not everyone is blessed with super straight teeth that are the perfect size and shape all throughout. What makes us unique is that we’re all born differently, and that includes the way our teeth develop as we head into adulthood. It’s also dependent on how well you brush and maintain your teeth. Chipped teeth can happen due to an accident or simply eating something that was too hard for your teeth to manage. Crowns or veneers are a great option to consider.

Whatever dental procedure you’re thinking of getting done, make sure to book in an appointment with us.