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The invasion of decay, chewing on hard/foreign objects, getting injured in a sport, or grinding the teeth can result in a tooth fracture. This can cause pain or discomfort, especially when eating or even speaking. To prevent future plaque/bacteria buildup in the fracture as well as decay or pain, our dental professionals at [practice_name] want to help you with your smile today.

If your dental fracture goes untreated, it can lead to further damage and pain. This also leaves your tooth susceptible to plaque buildup, bacteria, decay, and/or infections. One of the first options your dentist will first look at is using a dental filling, a simple procedure to fill in the fracture.

If it is a deeper fracture, then a dental crown will be placed. When there is pulp or root damage, then your dentist will perform a procedure to place a root canal where a dental crown will be placed afterwards. Extraction is one of the last options your dentist will consider depending on the severity of the fracture.

To stop teeth grinding, often the number one cause of tooth fractures, your dentist will assess your teeth and ask about whether you do it at night. You may then be fitted for a night guard to stop you from grinding your teeth during your sleep.

Call [doctor_name] and our team at [phone] to receive a consultation or make an appointment to fix your dental fracture. We strive to provide your best smile at our dental clinic here in [city], [state].