GLO Whitening


According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, every year more and more people are getting their teeth whitened. The increasing popularity of teeth whitening has meant increased whitening options and technologies becoming available. Now is the best time to get your teeth whitened because of all the advanced treatment choices that are available to you.


Anyone can go to the local drug store and pick up some kind of teeth whitening system. Most of the kits available at a drugstore come in strip form and the whitening results can vary. Professional teeth whitening kits for home treatments are also available from your dentist!


Many dental practices offer professional whitening services in their office. These treatments are quick and long lasting and don’t involve you having to deal with messy trays and supplies since the dental practice takes care of all of this for you. You just sit back and relax!


At the Pony Express Dental office in Draper Utah, we offer the highest quality whitening technologies with GLO Teeth Whitening treatments. GLO is a new whitening technology that combines whitening gel with a special teeth whitening device that uses warming heat and light to whiten teeth faster and better than ever before. GLO stands for guided light optic and refers to the kind of light that helps transform your teeth after the whitening gel is applied.

GLO whitening has a professional take home kit that include GLO lip care, a GLO vial full of whitening solution that includes a brush tip for easy application, and GLO whitening device. You can download their app to help time your whitening treatment and keep on top of your whitening habits.

GLO professional is used by dentists to help provide quick and high quality whitening treatments. GLO science has made it possible to whiten your teeth in under an hour. This form of teeth whitening is a great option for those who have sensitive teeth or who have a busy schedule and are unable to take great amounts of time for teeth whitening.
If you have questions about GLO Whitening, give Pony Express Dental in Draper a call today!