Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah


If you have ever suffered an oral accident or injury and were left with any missing or damaged teeth, it is important to think about a dental prosthetic to replace the missing members. Even a single missing tooth can severely hinder your oral health and lead to further problems down the road. Thus, it needs to be replaced with a durable and reliable tooth prosthetic such as dentures.

In order to ensure your oral health care treatments work effectively, it is important to make sure you’re always treating them with care. One potential tooth replacement treatment that requires the utmost of care is with your dentures. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth with removable tooth prosthetics. Because they are removable, they can easily be damaged.

Due to the fragile nature of dentures, it is important to always exercise caution when handling them. Not only should you make sure they are never set out on the counter where they can dry out and crack, but you should avoid using extremely abrasive products on them. This includes teeth whitening treatment systems, bleach, hot water, abrasive toothpaste and other overly abrasive materials.

To avoid contamination, always make sure your dentures are soaked in a denture cleaning solution. Before inserting them back into your mouth, make sure you not only brush out your mouth but rinse off any cleaning solution that is left behind on the dentures. In addition, visit your dentist for routine checkups to ensure your dentures are still in good condition and not damaged in any way.

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