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These days, patients have a number of orthodontic solutions to choose from. While traditional braces remain an effective form of treatment, some patients may prefer something like Invisalign treatment. We are proud to provide affordable Invisalign treatment here at Pony Express Dental, serving adults and kids alike throughout the South Jordan area. Read on to discover more about Invisalign, and to determine whether it might be a viable option for your orthodontic needs.

What is Invisalign Treatment, and How Does it Work?

Invisalign is essentially a custom-made aligner, easily snapped in and out of place and designed for flexibility and comfort. The process begins when you meet with one of our orthodontists for a fitting; we’ll then make aligners to match your needs. Most of the time, you’ll wear an aligner for a week or two, then “graduate” into a different fitting.

Invisalign braces are designed to provide straighter teeth and an improved smile, and we especially recommend it for those who have underbites, overbites, or slight problems with crowding or gapping.

Invisalign Treatment Advantages

Invisalign isn’t a semi-permanent fixture like braces; you’re able to remove your aligner to eat or to brush your teeth. There are other advantages as well, one of those being that Invisalign is made with clear plastic—meaning it’s not nearly as noticeable as traditional braces. Finally, Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces.

All of these components make Invisalign braces an appealing option. However, Invisalign is best for those whose orthodontic problems are minor to moderate. For more severe or complex issues, traditional braces may still be necessary.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Patients naturally want to know how much this treatment costs. There’s no easy way to answer that question, as it varies depending on how long you’ll need to wear your aligners and how many different iterations will be required. What we can tell you is that, at Pony Express Dental, we are committed to providing affordable Invisalign treatment. We are always happy to talk with you one-on-one to provide a more personalized estimate. Contact our office in South Jordan to set up an appointment.

How Painful is Invisalign Treatment?

Another common question has to do with pain and discomfort. One of the main Invisalign advantages is that these aligners are made to be comfortable. You won’t have any metal components in your mouth, which minimizes the risk of irritation. Although the aligners need to be worn with some consistency, you can remove them when needed. For these reasons, most patients find them to be very comfortable and convenient.

Is Invisalign Treatment Right for Me?

If you’ve been thinking about Invisalign and wonder whether it could be the right option for you, we recommend taking the first step: Call our office in South Jordan and set up an appointment. In consultation with one of our orthodontists, you can reach a reasonable conclusion about whether Invisalign or traditional braces is the best option for you.

Remember that this orthodontic treatment is most commonly recommended for the following conditions:

If you have any of these issues, contact us today and ask more about Invisalign.

Find an Invisalign Orthodontist in South Jordan

As you look for the best solution to your orthodontic needs, we invite you to contact our providers in South Jordan—some of the area’s top experts in Invisalign treatment.

You can make an appointment by contacting us directly. Pony Express Dental can be reached at 801-683-5148. Connect with us in our South Jordan office at your next convenience!