Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

At Pony Express Dental in Eagle Mountain, Utah, we are aware that good dentistry is comprised of worthwhile life habits and regular checkups. For certain people, Orthodontic care can also provide a range of measures aimed at preserving your best dental alignment during your maturation, or to help with prolonged dental troubles.


Orthodontic work can have far-reaching consequences and benefits for your prolonged dental health, and so it’s essential that you find a provider you can trust. Pony Express Dental based in Eagle Mountain, Utah and two other locations should be your primary choice for Orthodontic care that is both reliable, informative, and cohesive throughout the entire experience.


This is hardly the only reason as to why you should choose this practice above others. We believe that the following justifications should only consolidate your decision to book an appointment with us:


Proudly Serving The Community


Pony Express Dental is always interested in providing the most comprehensive dental solutions possible, and that is especially emphasized with Orthodontic work that can take place as both a preventative and restorative measure. We offer two-phase treatments for children of ages 6-10 and 12-13 respectively, allowing for a seamless continuation of treatments for children and their blossoming dental health requirements. This allows for families to feel comforted within the reliable and continual work we provide, and it also means we are a first choice for those residing in Eagle Mountain, Utah. We know that families rely on us for simple, yet effective procedures, and we are humbled to serve as the vibrant source of a family’s combined dental health care giving.


A Range Of Options


At Pony Express Dental, we understand the added stress that can be caused through Orthodontic work, and this can be especially hard on parents trying to help their child understand why this is needed at all. This is why we hope to factor in incredible results in minimal time, why we enjoy explaining to your child in an understandable manner why and how they need the work, as well as offering a range of care. 

We are also proud Invisalign providers allowing for a custom and less intrusive alignment experience. Not only this, but the Damon® System is a tool that allows us to lessen the frequency of appointments you will need to take, as this alternative offers a range of benefits to usual braces. Some of those benefits include less pressure and thus less introductory pain, smile makeover programs and less friction to be concerned with. We ensure no matter the option you go for, you are respectfully guided towards the best results.


Cohesive Healthcare


We understand that dental health is not solely limited to the appointment you hold with us, but a lived experience you go through every day. For that reason, we are interested in improving your quality of life, such as helping you with further referral care to solve sleep apnea symptoms. We also wish to provide a seamless experience should further surgical orthodontic applications become necessary. We take not only your present dental condition, but the entirety of your dental healthcare path into account. This allows each appointment with us to feel comprehensive.