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Relax in the dental chair with sedation dentistry. If you suffer from dental anxiety or looking for a sedation dentist in Saratoga Springs, come to Pony Express Dental. If you think it will keep you calm and at ease throughout your treatment, you can be sedated during almost any procedure at our office. Learn more about our sedation options today. Schedule a consultation.

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting the care you need. There are many benefits of sedation dentistry. Some of those benefits include:
Diminish Dental Anxiety: Sedation can assist in lowering anxiety and fear. These emotions can be reduced with sedation, enabling patients to receive the necessary dental care without experiencing stress or anxiety.
Lessen Pain: Sedation has the ability to lessen pain. Patients with a low pain threshold or those who are particularly sensitive to pain will benefit the most from this.
Suppress Gag Reflex: Sedation can aid in reducing the gag reflex. Patients may find it easier to tolerate dental procedures when under sedation because it helps to suppress the gag reflex. 
Reduce Complications: Sedation can aid in lowering the likelihood of complications. In some circumstances, sedation can assist in lowering the risk of complications related to particular dental procedures. 
Enhance Results: Sedation can enhance the results of treatment. Sedation, when used properly, can enhance treatment outcomes by enabling dentists to work more effectively.

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At Pony Express Dental, we want to alter how Saratoga Springs residents perceive dentistry. Because we are passionate about forming lasting relationships with our patients and providing them with the exceptional experience they deserve, we are more than just your standard dental practice. Thanks to our specialists’ skillful compassion and positive outlook on dentistry, you will leave our office smiling. Give us a call right away if you’re looking for a welcoming dental office to call home.

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"Love everything about this place. Everyone is great. It's like family. I'm having extensive dental work and the process has been great. Prices are good too. I won't go anywhere else."
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"Very friendly and cheerful staffs. They do a fantastic job and they’re pretty knowledgeable of what they do. I’m fortunate to have found them as i was looking for 5 months since we moved to the area. Thank you!!."
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"Each experience I have had with this office is quick and accommodating. Everyone is friendly and helps me feel comfortable. They also helped me figure out my insurance, which was not quite as straightforward as we would have liked, but they patiently helped me get squared away!"
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