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Parents, and for that matter, many grandparents have at one time or another had a dishwasher and kitchen shelves with at least a few sippy cups in them. Let’s face it, our kids and grandkids are adorable, but they aren’t always the cleanest little people in the world. And a sippy cups helps to keep the drink safe in the cup and on its way to your child’s mouth with a minimum risk of spills and stains.

Sippy cups make a for a great transition from bottles to regular cups and glasses, but there are some things to consider to make sure that your little one’s teeth stay healthy.

One easy step you can take is to watch what you put in the cup. If your toddler is using a sippy cup, just fill it with water or formula. Stay away from sugary drinks and juices. If you do give your toddler something sweet as a treat, don’t put him to bed with the sippy cup or bottle. A person’s mouth dries out as they sleep, and whatever he drinks before he goes to sleep will stick to his teeth.

Be sure to wash your child’s sippy cups often remove harmful bacteria.

Finally, don’t let your toddler get too dependent on his sippy cup, It is a good idea to start training him to use a regular cup as soon as he can.

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