Smile Makeover in Eagle Mountain, UT


Achieve a natural smile you are confident in!

At Pony Express Dental we firmly believe that your smile is your best asset! A smile makeover will transform your smile into the smile you’ve always wanted. This is an exciting process that requires specialized expertise. Our doctors work closely with a local, highly renowned cosmetic lab to design your new smile and deliver amazing natural results. You will work closely with your doctor to design your new smile and we can even create the final product in wax before touching your teeth so you will know exactly what to expect.  Whether you need a full mouth reconstruction or a few veneers, we will have a solution for you!

Our teams have the training, experience, technology, and technical knowledge to perform a complete smile makeover, or full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth restoration or reconstruction can help patients who are struggling from bite issues to achieve better occlusion. Full mouth reconstruction in Eagle Mountain can also help patients who have suffered from extreme decay, tooth damage or injury, or tooth erosion. If you’ve been experiencing frequent headaches, or jaw aches, full mouth restoration can provide meaningful relief, and help you achieve a comfortable smile again.


  • Health – When we perform a full mouth reconstruction, we will work to restore your oral health, and help you achieve a strong, lasting smile again.
  • Occlusion – Full mouth reconstructions are designed to help patients achieve a comfortable and natural feeling bite.
  • Comfort – Misaligned, damaged, eroded, or decayed teeth are uncomfortable and can make it hard for patients to focus or enjoy day-to-day life. A full mouth reconstruction will help you feel comfortable with your smile again.
  • Beauty – A full mouth reconstruction is a smile makeover. When we restore your teeth, we’ll help you achieve a smile that looks completely natural and beautiful.

You will love your Full Mouth Reconstruction in Eagle Mountain at Pony Express Dental!