Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

As time goes on it’s possible for the once strong relationship between an old dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel to degrade. This is even more likely to occur if you have struggled in the past to maintain a consistent oral hygiene regimen.

When this starts to happen you might notice a change in the surface texture of the tooth, increasing problems with tooth sensitivity, or worsening discomfort. With early detection, Dr. [doctor_name] might be able to replace the old dental filling with a fresh new one.

The treatment process involves [himher] numbing the tooth before carefully removing the old dental filling and a small amount of additional tooth enamel. Once this is done, [heshe] will prepare the amalgam material.

Once the dental filling has been applied to the prepared surface it will be cured and bonded in place with a special ultraviolet light.

If you live in the [city], [state], area and you are concerned about the integrity of one of your dental fillings, you should call [phone] to have it examined and treated at [practice_name].