Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah


Ever been to the doctor only for him/her to suggest the removal of your wisdom teeth? Even when you don’t feel an ounce of pain or discomfort? Well, that’s typical – dentists remove wisdom teeth for several reasons such as;

  • If your mouth is too small to house all your teeth
  • When your wisdom teeth have grown in undesired angles
  • When your wisdom teeth are painful due to cavities or other factors.

In essence, wisdom teeth removal is a preventive measure that dentists perform to promote favorable oral conditions for better health.

In Eagle Mountain, Utah, dentists recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal mainly for holistic oral health. This is to help you prevent the escalation of pre-existing as well as new conditions. Also, it’s not uncommon for dentists to remove completely healthy wisdom teeth (molars). Primarily, they do so because your bones become more rigid as you age, making future Wisdom Teeth Removal that more challenging.

Besides, you can live a normal, fulfilling life without your molars, so there’s no reason to be reluctant about losing them.


If you experience any of the following conditions, you’ll receive meticulous Wisdom Teeth Removal treatment in Eagle Mountain, Utah.


Cavities are common in molars; therefore, even if you have mild cavities, Wisdom Teeth Removal is your best treatment to prevent infections. This is essential to stop any more bacteria from growing and spreading to other healthy teeth.


Although uncommon, molars can grow in different angles from other teeth, causing damage specifically to nearby teeth. To avoid this, Wisdom Teeth Removal is essential. 

Furthermore, their extraction allows for further treatment to even out the rest of the teeth restoring your smile.

Damage to teeth

Molars are notorious for pushing other teeth around, especially if they grow in unwanted directions. When this happens, nearby teeth can shift position or become frail leading to severe bite problems.

Pain is another effect you will likely experience when your molars misbehave. Luckily, wisdom teeth extraction helps you treat and avoid this for a healthy mouth.

No more room for growth

Teeth, particularly molars, need enough space to grow steadily and healthily. When this is not the case, it might be best to consider extraction to maintain robust oral health.


Wisdom teeth extraction is an outpatient surgical procedure – which means you get to go back home immediately after. During your pre-surgery appointment, dentists in Eagle Mountain will advise you on the best preparation practices.

With this in mind, there are no complicated procedures to follow before your appointment. One thing that will be helpful is a calm and positive mind.


Depending on the surgery’s complexities, your dentist will use either of the three anesthetics; local, general, or sedation anesthesia. All three aim to keep you still and comfortable so the surgery can happen without a hitch. 


First, the dentist will make an incision on the gum tissue to remove the bone and expose the root of your tooth. Once the root is visible, the dentist will then divide the tooth into sections for easy extraction.

After the dentist removes the molar, he/she will clean the site where the tooth was to prevent infection. Lastly, the dentist will stitch up the area and place a gauze to control bleeding.

Your anesthesia will dissipate by the time your dentist puts away his/her tools, and alas! You can be on your merry way home.