Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

Pony Express Dental is one of the best dental practices in Utah, offering three wonderful locations within the golden state. We have a proven track record in not only serving our patients but in helping them structure their best dental self-care to unlock their best smiles over the years. Any dental practice worth its salt needs to have a clear love and connection to the community that surrounds it, and so our best practice and caring ethos is best illustrated through the many happy patients that utilize our services each year.

Offering general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and support as well as pediatric dentistry, you can see that we offer a range of excellent procedures for a range of wonderful people. If you have dental needs, we will be able to help you. We are proudly willing to help entire families choose us as their provider for life, as we know that the longer you stay with a familiar healthcare provider, the more comfortable you will feel with each visit. It’s these measures and more that help us become the first choice among many with essential dentistry needs.


Areas We Serve – Eagle Mountain, Utah

Eagle Mountain is a rapidly growing city in Utah, tracking a population increase of over 20,000 since its incorporation in 1996. Many may see explosive growth like that and wonder how that happened, but these mysterious thoughts can be settled via one small visit. All questions related to why someone should move there will be answered due to your own fantastic experience within our wonderful community. For many, Eagle Mountain serves as a great visual reminder of the profundity of nature in all of its glory.

Anyone who visits with a historian’s mind will notice the range of amazing landmarks here, from the eponymous Pony Express trail where we divine our namesake to the incredible rock art carvings crafted by old Fremont Native American tribes – there’s always something impressive to see here, dripping with historical relevance and beauty.

Eagle Mountain is just over 30 miles from Salt Lake City, meaning that while it’s a hidden area of historical importance with a relatively diminutive population, it’s by no means ‘out in the sticks,’ instead offering natural connections to all of the larger towns and cities around. This means that Eagle Mountain is a natural stop-off point, allowing for those with a penchant for beautiful cuisine and good, honest locals to spend more time here than they had planned.

The residential neighborhoods are a fantastic place to settle and raise a family, as the local population warrants a comforting way of life, yet still attracts professionals from all over the world. You can easily see how dental practices such as ours find it irresistible to encompass and service a community such as this. The lifestyle afforded in Eagle Mountain is one of activity, mutual trust and ownership, of novelty due to how recently the city was incorporated as well as pure practicality thanks to its proximity to local powerhouse towns and cities. 

For those reasons and more, we are happy to remain steadfast within Eagle Mountain, Utah, as we plan to serve the local community for years to come.