Dentist Eagle Mountain Utah

A fear of the dentist is something that’s very much real, and no matter how much you try to move past that fear and try to rationalize it, it’s a fear that takes time to overcome. When it comes to dental care, Dr. Michael Turnow is part of a fantastic team of dentists that can help ease your fears while getting dental work done. Here are some tips for getting over a fear of the dentist:

Speak To Your Dentist

Remember that when it comes to your dental appointment, it’s always worth contacting your dental practice and discussing your concerns. A lot of dentists can organize certain drugs that can be given to you before your procedure in order for you to calm down or relax. These can be good for helping numb any pain or sensation that you might feel, and that might be the main reason why you’re fearful of the dentist. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, so it’s worth checking in to see what’s available to you and what you can take advantage of.

Take Someone You Trust

When attending your dental practice, it can be nerve-racking to go alone. To think you’re on your own in a place that you’re fearful of isn’t going to help you feel better. What might help is taking someone with you. Think about who you could ask to come along and make sure it’s someone you trust. They should also feel pretty confident about going to the dentist themselves because if they’re actually quite nervous themselves, then it’s going to make you feel even worse. Take a close friend or a family member, and you’ll likely feel a lot more at ease. If anything, they can help ease your mind that’s probably overthinking the situation in different ways.

Keep Yourself Distracted

Dr. Michael Tornow and all of our dentists are committed in making your appointment as successful as possible. They also want to make sure that you’re in and out of the chair as efficiently as can be. Keeping yourself distracted is a great way of making sure that you avoid allowing yourself to get too worked up whilst waiting. Bring along a magazine or download a television series on your phone or electronic device to watch and to zone out on. It can really help calm your mind by having something familiar, and it will help make the time go a little quicker too.

Communicate During The Procedure

Try your very best to communicate with your dentist, should at any point you feel really uncomfortable. Hitting nerves or picking at your teeth can be quite painful and it’s essential you let your dentist know if they’re causing pain that’s really severe. Only you know if it’s causing pain, so speak up or alert them in some way to make sure they’re aware of it.

Getting over a fear of the dentist is something we can help you with, so drop by at our practice or give us a call to set up an appointment today.