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Who doesn’t want a pearly white smile? We all know that a bright and radiant smile can make us look more attractive, ultimately boosting our confidence. However, our daily habits like drinking coffee, tea, and even smoking can cause teeth discoloration. At Pony Express Dental, we offer one of the best teeth whitening options: GLO Teeth Whitening. 


If you’re planning to get your teeth whitened and want to know more about GLO Teeth Whitening, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about GLO Teeth Whitening and how it can help you achieve that sparkling smile you’ve always wanted.


What is GLO Teeth Whitening?

GLO Teeth Whitening is a teeth whitening system that uses a combination of heat and blue LED light to activate the whitening gel. The system consists of a mouthpiece that fits perfectly on your teeth and a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide, commonly used in teeth whitening treatments. Once you apply the gel to your teeth and activate the LED light using the mouthpiece, it creates heat and blue LED light that penetrates deep into the enamel to remove stains and discoloration.


How Does GLO Teeth Whitening Work?

The whitening gel used in the GLO Teeth Whitening system contains hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients that work together to remove the stains and discoloration from your teeth. Once you apply the gel to your teeth, you use the mouthpiece to activate the blue LED light that accelerates the whitening process. The combination of heat and blue LED light penetrates deep into the enamel, breaking down the stains and discoloration to give you a brighter and whiter smile.


Is GLO Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yes, GLO Teeth Whitening is safe for most people. The system is designed to be gentle on your teeth, and the hydrogen peroxide used in the gel has been tested and proven safe for teeth whitening. However, it’s essential to consult Dr. Benjamin Naylor, Dr. Dallin Doloach, Dr. Tom Chamberlain, Dr. Taylor Dudley, or Dr. Couraud before using any teeth whitening treatment to make sure that it’s safe for you. Your dentist can also help you determine the best teeth whitening option based on your oral health and discoloration level.


How Long Does the GLO Teeth Whitening Treatment Take?

The GLO Teeth Whitening treatment takes approximately 32 minutes to complete. The optimal time to use the system is in two 8-minute intervals, which makes the total time 16 minutes per session. However, the GLO Teeth Whitening system can be used for up to four 8-minute sessions, which means you can use it for up to 32 minutes daily.


How Long Does the GLO Teeth Whitening Results Last?

The GLO Teeth Whitening results can last up to six months or longer, depending on your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits. It’s essential to practice good oral hygiene and avoid consuming foods and beverages that can cause staining or discoloration, such as coffee, tea, soda, and red wine. Smoking can also cause teeth discoloration, so it’s best to quit smoking to maintain your bright and white smile.


GLO Teeth Whitening in South Jordan, Utah

Getting a bright and white smile has never been easier with GLO Teeth Whitening. It’s safe, effective, and takes only 32 minutes to complete. With proper dental care and healthy habits, the results can last up to six months or more. 

If you’re interested in getting GLO Teeth Whitening or any other teeth whitening treatment, visit us to learn more about your options and to determine what’s best for you. At Pony Express Dental, we offer safe and effective teeth whitening treatments that can give you that sparkling smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment and get your dream smile today!